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👋 Hi, I'm Matt Spear. I'm a freelance software engineer and for the last decade I've been facinated with technology, building with it and learning from it.

Since learning to program AI, Deep Learning, ML has always been an illusive interest. I've spent time in the AR space, on SLAM systems and working with CoreML, Apple's ML framework. But Fast.ai and the "Deep Learning for Coders" course was my first real introduction to everyday coders working on cutting edge ML. Jeremy Howard is a legend and who doesn't love the tagline "Making neural nets uncool again".

The good news is I still feel like a beginner and this site is a result of wanting to learn, share and try something new. I'm eagar to build a SaaS business / App / Startup and I want to take you with me along the way! In the coming weeks I plan on starting a YouTube channel and creating some video content and building out usecases, tutorials and examples.